Augmented & Virtual Reality

for Designers and Storytellers

Massachusetts College of Art + Design
June 25th – August 1st, Mondays & Wednesdays, 6 – 10 PM


This onsite/online hybrid course is geared towards students interested in exploring augmented and virtual reality-based experiences for journalistic, experimental and artistic experiences. During the first half of the course, students are introduced to the the theory and history of these technologies and an array of tools used to prototype and design for AR/VR. In the 2nd half of the course, students will create an original ar/vr experience. They are encouraged to be playful but critical, and explore the limitations and best practices of the technologies.

Bring your PC or Mac laptop. No prerequisites. We will explore Unity, A-frame, and current platforms.

All Monday classes are online with the exception of the first class which is at MassArt. Wednesday classes are on-site.

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Faculty Bios

Martha Rettig is a designer, experimenter, and immersive artist whose work focuses on merging traditional mediums with emerging technologies. Her experience over the past fifteen years crosses many disciplines, including design concept, visual design, interactive design, interface design, data visualization, experience design, and creative direction. She co-founded an interactive design agency, Cykod, in 2006 and helped build over two hundred websites, and apps from the ground up. Martha currently is an Assistant Professor at Massachusetts College of Art + Design teaching in the undergraduate Graphic Design department and the Dynamic Media Institute MFA program.
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Sofie Elana Hodara is a Boston-based designer, artist, and educator. She is a member artist at Bromfield Gallery, where she shows monochromatic prints depicting minimalist patterns, and a contributing artist at Culture Industry [dot] Club, a collective of artists and academics making work to critique the Quantified Self movement. As a designer, Hodara is pursuing projects built in and for augmented and virtual reality. During the day, she teaches typography in the Illustration Department at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and a variety of graphic design courses at the SMFA at Tufts University and Emmanuel College. She lives in Brookline with her partner, Nate, and lots of art on the walls.
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