Is the Art World Ready?

AR in Action 2019 | See the slides, here.

At the MIT Medialab on January 14th, Martha Rettig and I presented a short talk as part of AR in Action 2019. Having been to the event in previous years, we knew it would be filled with industry professionals from Magic Leap, Google, Bose, etc. But, we also knew that it brings together an eclectic mix of artists, designers, and innovators from a variety of backgrounds – all united by their common desire to deepen their understanding of augmented reality. With that in mind, we pivoted our talk away from cutting edge technological developments to what we’ve learned as artists, educators, and designers: how to build successful AR experiences in the exhibition space.
In the talk, we survey AR projects in the museum space and use our own work to discuss both the challenges and strategies for success with AR art.