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Pioneer Reality Studio investigates the uses of cutting-edge technologies through experimentation, education, and project work, with an emphasis on concept development, experimentation, and iterative practices.

Sofie Hodara is a multimedia artist, designer, and educator. Her work explores the intersection of traditional and digital media in order to produce critical and non-utilitarian experiences with technology. She is a professor of design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, SMFA at Tufts University, and Emmanuel College.

Martha Rettig is a designer, experimenter, and immersive artist whose work focuses on merging traditional mediums with emerging technologies. Her experience over the past fifteen years crosses many disciplines, including design concept, visual design, interactive design, interface design, data visualization, experience design, and creative direction. She co-founded an interactive design agency, Cykod, in 2006 and helped build over two hundred websites, and apps from the ground up. Martha currently is an Assistant Professor at Massachusetts College of Art + Design teaching in the undergraduate Graphic Design department and the coordinator of the college's Dynamic Media Institute MFA program.


We are currently developing tools and curricula to aid in teaching and implementing emerging technologies for artists and designers. This section highlights our recent projects alongside student work developed for or in conjunction with our classes.


CabinAR is an free, web-based application created by Pioneer Reality Studio that allows you to make and share marker-based augmented reality.

Disobedient Design Exhibition

The final exhibition of MassArt's Spring 2019 interdisciplinary elective Disobedient Design displayed AR letterpress posters made by students.

Rethink Recycle

An augmented reality workshop and letterpress exhibition organized by students in MassArt's Spring 2019 interdisciplinary elective Disobedient Design.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Hodara and Rettig’s augmented reality poster exhibition featured 70 works spanning 200 years of letterpressed presidential campaign slogans (Bromfield Gallery, October 2018).

Is the Art World Ready? ARIA 2019

A short talk discussing what we’ve learned about making AR accessible in art exhibition spaces. Great for curators, artists, and AR enthusiasts.

Ghost Memorials by Ceaser Duarte

Duarte conceived and prototyped Ghost Memorials in our A/VR for Storytellers and Designers course. He installed marker-based AR interventions at Ghost Bikes in Cambridge MA. The AR experiences celebrated the lives of the deceased.

Boston, Aquarium! by Cailgh MacDonald

An augmented reality game that continues educating Boston Aquarium visitors of all ages about fish and what the aquarium offers.


Hodara and Rettig created interactive augmented polaroids for Self-Composure exhibition (Aviary Gallery, June 2018). Using custom markers, each image prompts participants to use their cellphones to record a selfie video that they can then watch in the polaroid.


A list of classes and workshops we've developed. For more information, including syllabi and other teaching resources, please contact us.

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